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Ben Walker and Kirsty Merryn present
Life and the Land

BBC Folk Award winner Ben Walker has joined forces with highly acclaimed singer and pianist Kirsty Merryn to create Life and the Land, a fresh take on a tradition ripe for rediscovery and perfect for a festival audience.  


Life and the Land is a celebration of England’s harvest tradition, reimagining songs born out of our agricultural past. , Ben and Kirsty are breathing new life into the songs they found in local archives and EFDSS collections and sharing them with new audiences. Both consummate performers, combined they create a timeless sound, with Ben’s guitars and mandolin providing a perfect frame for Kirsty’s piano, harp and silver voice, caught live here at a recent show.


The true joy of this project is in the connection with its audiences - these are songs that were meant to be enjoyed among friends. Catch Ben and Kirsty on tour right now!


FATEA: “An uplifting collection that warms the soul...the performances are perfect”


Folk Radio UK: “With Life and the Land, Ben Walker and Kirsty Merryn have delivered a masterclass in how to successfully place old jewels in new settings.” 

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